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The Team

Who We Are



Owner & Esthetician

Meet Shannon, an accomplished and advanced licensed esthetician with a few semesters left toward her Bachelor's degree in Business. Her dream of salon ownership became a reality in September 2023 when she took the reins at Future Directions.


Beyond her role as a salon owner, Shannon, alongside her husband Jack, is a proud parent to three children.

Shannon is deeply involved in various community activities, reflecting her commitment to making a positive impact beyond the salon walls. Her passion for skincare and commitment to excellence is evident in her specialization areas, which include dermaplaning, hydrafacials, and relaxation facials, all aimed at providing targeted and effective skin treatments. She is also certified in lash extensions.


Before assuming previous ownership of Future Directions Salon and Spa for an impressive 39 years, Dee's journey in the beauty industry began as a platform artist. Traveling across the United States and Puerto Rico, she showcased her talent at hair shows, leaving an indelible mark with her creativity and skill.

Dee's commitment to the industry extends beyond her salon. She has actively served on the advisory committee at the Polaris Cosmetology Program, contributing her expertise to the education and development of aspiring professionals.

With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of all facets of hair care, Dee brings a level of education and mastery that is truly unparalleled. 



With a passion for the beauty industry dating back to 1992, meet Amy – a seasoned professional dedicated to providing the best to her clients. Amy thrives on continuous education, staying current with trends and techniques to ensure she delivers exceptional service with every appointment. Her genuine love for helping individuals express their unique style sets her apart.

Amy specializes in color, highlights, and balayage, showcasing her artistic flair. Beyond color, she has a keen eye for cutting and styling, bringing a comprehensive approach to her craft. Her commitment to excellence is reflected in her versatile skill set.

Outside the salon, Amy's interests extend to the great outdoors, cooking, gardening, and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. A true enthusiast for health and fitness, she finds joy in staying active. Amy's love for animals shines through, particularly for her two Maine Coon cats.


Meet Lori, a hairstylist with over 35 years of experience, and her enthusiasm for learning the latest trends is as strong as ever. Despite her extensive career, Lori remains dedicated to staying abreast of the industry's cutting-edge techniques and styles.

Specializing in color, Lori possesses a keen eye for enhancing natural beauty, consistently striving to make her clients both look and feel their best. Her passion for her craft is evident in her commitment to staying current with the ever-evolving world of hair design.

Outside the salon, Lori's world revolves around her family. As a loving wife and devoted mother of two boys, she cherishes spending quality time with her loved ones. Lori also values her friendships, making time to connect with friends and create lasting memories.



Meet Tammy, a seasoned professional who has dedicated a lifetime to the beauty industry. While she's versatile and up for anything in the salon chair, Tammy's true passion lies in bringing her shears to life through the art of cutting. With special expertise in curly hair, she excels at matching each client's unique needs to the perfect hairstyle.

Tammy is not just a hairstylist; she is a beauty enthusiast. Her love for makeup and all things beauty extends to her role as the "brow queen" of the salon, where precision and attention to detail define her approach.

Outside of the salon, Tammy's world revolves around her family. As a loving wife with a daughter, she treasures spending quality time with her loved ones. Tammy also enjoys indulging in a bit of retail therapy, making shopping one of her favorite pastimes.


With a remarkable four decades in the beauty industry, Devon is a seasoned professional boasting a robust background in hair cutting and color. Her expertise shines through as she specializes in razor cutting and color techniques, demonstrating a true mastery cultivated through years of passion and dedication to hairstyling.

Devon's commitment to the craft extends beyond the salon chair. As an educator, she dedicated 15 years to teaching cosmetology, passing on her extensive knowledge and skills to aspiring beauty professionals.



Introducing Riley, our youngest stylist who recently graduated and earned her license in May 2023. With a passion for both hair and nails, Riley is eagerly gaining experience in her craft and discovering her favorite services. As she dives into the world of the salon, she is embracing various roles, serving as a nail tech, stylist, assistant, and receptionist.

Being the youngest of six, Riley brings a youthful energy and enthusiasm to her work. Beyond her love for the beauty industry, she is also an avid animal lover.

Join us in supporting Riley as she embarks on her exciting journey, where her dedication to learning and passion for beauty converge for a dynamic salon experience.


Meet Colleen, our seasoned full-time nail technician with an impressive 35-year journey in the beauty industry. Her expertise and passion are particularly evident in her love for gel polish and intricate nail art, showcasing her creative flair.

Beyond the salon, Colleen finds joy in spending time with her husband, Mark, and their two furry companions. As a dedicated professional and a lover of life's simple joys, Colleen brings a wealth of experience and a warm personality to every nail service she provides.



Meet Tina, a licensed massage therapist with a passion for well-being and healing. With a career spanning since 2005, Tina's journey in massage therapy began with working with a chiropractor for five years before venturing into business ownership in 2010.

Beyond the massage table, Tina finds joy in the simplicity of nature, playing with her beloved dog and cats, and cherishing moments with her grandchildren. With a deep understanding that health is paramount, Tina is dedicated to assisting individuals in reaching their highest levels of well-being.

Tina's philosophy centers around the belief that the body possesses the inherent ability to heal itself when provided with the right tools and environment. Through her therapeutic touch, Tina aims to be one of those essential tools, utilizing massage to increase circulation, relax muscles, uplift spirits, and alleviate pain.


Meet Roberta, our highly experienced esthetician with an extensive background in the beauty industry. In addition to her role as an esthetician, she is a full-time esthetics teacher, sharing her wealth of knowledge and expertise with aspiring professionals.

Within the salon, you'll find Roberta specializing in microcurrent and hydro aqua facials, showcasing her commitment to staying at the forefront of skincare techniques. Her passion for skincare extends beyond the treatment room as she imparts her wisdom to the next generation of estheticians.



Meet Keenan, our prized possession assistant, eagerly navigating her way through cosmetology school. As a dedicated learner, Keenan is absorbing knowledge and hands-on experience, preparing for the moment she steps onto the salon floor as a licensed cosmetologist in May.

With a passion for the beauty industry and a commitment to honing her skills, Keenan is poised to become a valuable addition to our team. Watch out for her debut as a cosmetologist, where her enthusiasm and dedication to the craft will shine through, making her an integral part of the salon experience.


Meet Sara, a familiar face at Future Directions who first started as a client and has become the beloved receptionist you've come to cherish over the last 8 years. Sara's journey with Future Directions has been one of genuine connection and appreciation.

Her affection for the clients at Future Directions is evident in the loving relationships she has established with everyone who walks through the doors. Sara's warm and welcoming presence has contributed to the positive atmosphere that clients have grown to love.

Outside of the salon, Sara takes on the role of a devoted mother to three children. Additionally, she is pursuing her passion for skincare by attending school to become an esthetician. Sara is building on her love for skincare, and her journey reflects her commitment to continual growth and learning.



Meet Holly, a significant part of Future Directions for over 40 years, as she holds a unique connection to the salon's roots. Holly's legacy traces back to its beginnings, with her mother being the very first owner of the establishment. Today, Holly continues to contribute her passion and dedication to the salon.

While Holly may not be a stranger to the salon's history, she joins us weekly, serving as the welcoming face at the reception and ensuring the salon is in top-notch shape. Her commitment to maintaining the salon's excellence and providing a warm atmosphere adds a special touch that reflects both heritage and continuity.


Meet Bobby, our high school student who dedicates his time part-time to learning the ropes of the salon. Whether assisting in various tasks or manning the front desk on Friday evenings, Bobby is an essential part of our team.


Beyond his responsibilities, Bobby's love for music shines through, and you'll often catch him singing in French, adding a touch of melody to the salon ambiance. His infectious enthusiasm and vibrant spirit make him the shining star, infusing the staff with a sense of fun and camaraderie.

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